Monday, September 19, 2016


Hi all. I never really paid attention to Pokemon before. I was busy with grad school back when it started and then with life. For the past couple of months, though, my whole family has been playing Pokemon Go (Team Valor!) and my kids have been watching the cartoon on Netflix (it's all about the kids, right? of course I say this as someone who was an AFOL for a decade before having kids). So, long and short, now I'm much more interested in all of the great Pokemon LEGO creations I've seen around the Legoverse. No promises on the frequency of postings here, but when the mood strikes I'll post some of the things I find.

To create some consistency, I'm going to use the following tags:
Trainer, Pokemon, Object, Scene, Story, Mosaic
Microscale, Figscale, Larger, Verylarge

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